Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peas in a Pod

This week has started wonderfully.  I've got all my ducks in a row and am so very focused and organized. All my peas in a pod I would go so far as to say.
ChantelleNicole has done that as well with her lovely necklace called Peas in a Pod. This lovely necklace is sterling silver with white pearls and a sweet tendril just like a real peapod! Her store has wonderful stamped pieces as well.

AuroraRose has an enchanting store. She takes beautiful ribbon and makes flowers bloom in her hands that she then conveniently plants on a comb to grace your hair. This one is done is lovely Maroon and Coffee. If your hair doesn’t play well with hair combs, she’s plants them on hair bands too!
 Moonangelnay's store has a completely different way of expressing beauty and yet so very lovely.  White Vamp with its delicate ruffled petals frozen in time. She has captured the beauty on camera and provides it to you … well, so many ways. Although Vamp is listed as an 8x10 archival print, it is available on cotton rag and   satin lustre and so many other sizes and framed and the list goes on, all done by Moonangelnay!

It started with a blog follower, a click and a link. I follow that link. It eventually leads me to a shop, but not just any shop, a shop with lovely handmade goods that I’m sharing here with you.


  1. It's nice of you to feature some of your followers. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. Great finds!! Love your give away too, just wish I could wear silver. Haven't tried Sterling silver yet - might have to and see what happens.

  3. Those peas in a pod are too cute... love it! ;)

  4. those peas in a pod are so clever -- summery and lovely!

  5. Photos on cotton rag are just scrumptuous!