Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dark and Delicious, the better to tempt you with!

Although Three Women at Sunset by ImagineStudio wasn't my inspiration piece, this beautiful Giclee print would have been.  The detail is divine.  The colors and position of the women with their gorgeous sunset taps into my soft spot for old films.  The gorgeous actresses on the silver screen were always so polished, not a hair out of place with their stylish hats.

JanetDavies' Bracelet cuff has all the drop dead gorgeous colors of Autumn! Dripping with Whiskey Quartz, Ruticulated Quartz, Citrine, Garnets and more, it is stunning enough to grace the wrist of any silent screen goddess!
BurntMill has created an Enchanting Patchouli Glycerin Soap with precious little perfect flowers in orange and black.  Although rose or lavender would probably have been the scent of the times, I imagine Clara Bow would have been better suited to this delicious scent.

Going with the gorgeous colors of Autumn, this little Tattoo Baby Dress is so awesome.  I love seeing little girls dressed in something that brings out their personality.  If you want something to individualize your little one, RockinMamaBG has done it.
Vintage beads are so much fun to create with, and WeeSparrow has channelled the colors of Autumn in all its splendor with these Hippie Chic earrings.  These beads have all the lovely colors that speak of toasty nights with hot buttered rum or chilly walks crunching through the fallen leaves!

My Color Inspiration:
The Station Fire in California sadly made for
some amazing sunsets from my house.

It started with a blog follower, a click and a link.
I follow that link. It eventually leads me to a shop, but not just any shop,
a shop with lovely handmade goods that I’m sharing here with you.


  1. Janet Davies' Etsy shop is a feast for the eyes! It's so awesome that you featured her beautiful cuff bracelet. Very nice blog!

  2. Great finds. Love the Three Women at Sunset! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love the amber colours... so autumn-y! Great features!