Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Terrifying Tuesday Treasures

Isn't this sweet?  Kukubee has captured young love, sharing some blood, while a bird serenades them.  This Vampire Picnic Zipper Pouch is so cute but not the only Halloween Zipper Pouch to be had.  She's got more pouches... a really adorable vampire graveyard you've got to see.

What are the young vampires drinking?  Vampire Vino, of course.  One of the terrifying self-adhesive wine bottle labels created by TonyaDusold. Check them out... Selection 1 and Selection 2.  Very cool.  As well as her blog, there's a yummy Halloween cheesecake there for you to enjoy.

Do you have something that needs to be said this Halloween season and don't know how to say it?  This Bite Me T-shirt will do the trick, especially as a nightshirt... I'm just saying.  If you have something special to say, FloozeesDoozees probably has the shirt for you.

And, of course, what vampire treasure would be complete without a little something from Twilight.  FriendsAtFirstSight have the cutest collection of necklaces and this one, My Husband is better than Edward, says it all.  Let your man know how truly special he is by wearing this for him.



  1. These are fun! LOVE the lovers who are drinking blood together! Super fun!

  2. That pouch is awesome. I hearted it AND thier awesome shop. Thank you for sharing!