Sunday, August 16, 2009

A bit of history

What is it you ask?

It’s called a mustache cup.

Victorian gentlemen with their large manly-yet-waxed mustaches must have thanked Harvey Adams for this ingenious variation of the time-honored teacup. Nevermore would their flowing mustache wax mingle with hot tea and melt because their teacup had a very clever china ledge to rest one’s bushy lip hair on while enjoying one’s tea.

This cool antique is a family heirloom from the Daniel side of the family, from Wales. It has a lovely floral display with gold trim and scalloped edges, but it doesn’t have a logo on it so I can’t tell you who it was manufactured by. I did include some lovely photos for your enjoyment, though.


  1. Gorgeous old china....such a clever idea for those with moustaches!

  2. I recall hearing about those but never saw a picture of one! Thanks for the photo, it is just lovely.

  3. LOL! how cool, i'd never heard of them until now! thanks for sharing this... i have to say my other half is now baffled LOL!!!!

  4. Neat! I had no idea they made these kinds of teacups for the mustaccio. :-D A mustached man sipping from the delicate cup with it's built in mustache protector - how cute is that?

  5. This is way too funny! That's like us producing cups that made room for the huge sun-glasses that are in style. Funny!!