Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn is in the air!

We’re winding down from the sweltering heat of summer here in Southern California as the warm days are melting into chilly nights. There have been chilly teases before but with October right here, I think this chill is here to stay. 

Isn’t this print by VelvetWoods just breathtaking? It seems perfect for this time of year, sitting out in the cool evening and enjoying the sunset, as if my sunsets were ever as beautiful as Percolating the Liquid Amber Sky.

The colors of autumn are so wonderful and earthy and jade is such a great stone for this time of year. Snowbell’s beautiful Harvest Necklace incorporates jade in shades of pale yellow, green, pink and brown and would make a beautiful compliment to any outfit.

With the chilly days fast-approaching (and for some already here), it’s time to keep warm while out and about. Tinateee has handknit this cute lady’s poncho in stunning shades of red and burgundy.

Anyone remember Owl at Home by Arnold Lobel? That story is full of the joys of fall and winter and adds the cuteness of Owl. I saw this adorable appliquéd Night Owl T-shirt by CatSoup and could not help but think of Owl and The Guest and Strange Bumps.

It started with a blog follower, a click and a link.
I follow that link. It eventually leads me to a shop, but not just any shop,
a shop with lovely handmade goods that I’m sharing here with you.


  1. Thank you for including my poncho. You have a lovely blog.

  2. Thank you for featuring my necklace :)

  3. Thanks for including my tee! Great blog!

  4. Thanks for including my sky pic.The red poncho is stunning !

  5. What a gorgeous sky by Velvet! I love it.