Wednesday, September 30, 2009

If you were buying your product, what would you want to know (Part 2 of 2) - Thoughts on preparing your online store for the holidays

The holiday window displays are going up all over the malls and shops, sprucing things up for the holiday shoppers. Etsy sellers are and have been in full swing as well.  People are window shopping thinking of loved ones and the gifts that will need to be bought. 
Aren’t these hats adorable?! I have been preparing my blog for the Halloween season (which starts tomorrow!) and fell in love with this Pumpkin Pie Crocheted Hat by CraftyGAGal.   Smiles and Pumpkin Hats is the wonderful story of how this adorable hand-crocheted hat turned into this adorable photo.  A simple sale touched so many people and created a beautiful memory showcase.  A handmade success!  
Although I do have a list of difficult people to buy for, not everyone is difficult to buy for during this time of year. Being crafty, I love the charm of a handmade stocking stuffed with cutesy things for the little members of the family and friends. Funky Newborn Munchkin Hat by MadAboutColour fits the bill, wouldn't you say? Another handmade success as is featuring it in their gift guide.

While we would all love to have great pictures like these, even good pictures work with a description giving the details of what’s being sold. That’s all the shop can do. It’s up to us to then put ourselves out there and bring the business back to our shop. Hopefully, we can all add to the success of buying handmade this holiday season.

Happy holiday sales!

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