Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting All Tangled Up in matching sweaters for you and your precious pet!

Fall is in the air, it's time to unpack the cooler weather wear and ... Okay, yeah, I know, it's Labor Day Weekend and the heat is still up there, at least for the Southwestern portion of the U.S.  I was trying to find my inner coolness and got all tangled up in AllThingsTangled's Etsy store.

AllThingsTangled is a wonderful store with beautiful sweaters, scarfs, socks, hats, and more. Joan learned the art of knitting and purling from her mother and with this talent has created this gorgeous Bolero in Pink and Gray.  It also comes in a beautiful Red and Cream color as well!  Joan's favorite actress is Sandra Bullock and I'm seeing Miss Congeniality III and some cute butt-kicking moments in one of these adorable boleros!  

Once in a while Joan will knit something for a friend, maybe for a new baby, but she doesn't sell baby clothes.  What she does sell is a ...

 So cute!  
Umm, did I mention it also 
comes in Red and Cream
Miss Congeniality III?!?!

Joan makes her home in Las Vegas where her life is never dull.  You can keep up with Joan's scuba lessons, life and store at her AllThingsTangled blog.   

If you've never been to Vegas, there is a huge selection of excellent cuisine and more than enough opportunity to get dressed up and go out.  Joan's favorite place to eat at is Pamplemousse.  I would be there too after a day of sightseeing with this adorable Cafe au Lait Beret, enjoying a Tomato and Goat Cheese Tart.

Initially taught to crochet by her babysitter, Joan had to take up a hook and a book a few years later and refresh herself and it looks well worth the effort.  What a wonderful holiday gift this would make.  AllThingsTangled is a wonderful store full of beautiful handmade treasures for yourself or someone you love.