Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Window Dressing - Thoughts on preparing your online store for the holidays

  Some holiday shopping is easy.  A gift certificate, a bottle of wine, a snowboard with new bindings and new boots made by... well, you get the idea.  But every year I have a short list of family and friends that I have no idea what to buy for them.  I always plan on beginning my shopping for these few in February, telling myself to keep my eyes open.  Well, it's not February anymore! 

I have begun window shopping via Etsy which is not an easy task.  The first step I took was to search for "fingerless gloves" because I  think Beth would like them.  (The name of the recipient has been changed because it's supposed to be a secret!!). It returned with over 4,500 items.  Then I began the arduous task of going page after page after page looking for anything that took my fancy.      

My intent here isn't to suggest that after going through 25 pages of searching "fingerless gloves"  that these are the only good pictures I found.  No. I am just a buyer looking to purchase something beautiful for someone I love and I was frustrated by what I found.  I was specific in my goal.  Beth wouldn't wear gloves like bike riders or over the elbow. There were many pictures of gloves in the style I was looking for but while many were displayed on tables, the Bamboo Fingerless Gloves by LeArmoire jumped out at me

With 4,500 listings, I can't go into countless listings to see whether the length was right, if it came up into the finger area, or if the yarn was too thick.  At this point I was window shopping and was simply not attracted to so much that I saw that I might have been interested in had the window dressing been more enticing. I'm not in their store yet, I'm just window shopping and I "walked" pass many shops.  What attracted me to these were the picture was clear that the gloves were the right length, weren't too thick, and she would be able to show off her lovely rings.  While displayed on a 20-year-old, they would look equally attractive on a 40-plus-year-old.    

Mind you, I started window shopping with a particular person in mind, but as window shopping does with me, it became personal. These Tree Frog Fingerless Gloves are adorable. All three prior requirements are met, but the picture took my mind in a personal direction.  I would look so cute with those on!   Now I'm opening the door and looking into their store to see these items more closely and possibly  see what else they have, what else might meet the needs of others on my impossible list... or me personally.

That got me thinking about how I can improve my own Etsy store, so I'm working on my window-dressing marketability this week.  Next week I will continue my search and share my discoveries with you.


Holidays are a time to share laughter and love 
with family and friends.
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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you very much for sharing your ideas :)

    Holiday shopping can be tricky.


  2. I love those bamboo fingerless gloves, and that picture is AWESOME!

  3. wonderful post! so nice of you to say such kind words about my work, and I'm glad my gloves jumped out at you! :D

  4. Really good reminder, thank you!
    I know there are some photos in my shop that definitely need improvement.

  5. I looooooove gloves! Seriously, my friends alwasy make fun of me when I tell them how many gloves I have. They're just such low-cost, great accessories!