Monday, October 12, 2009

Spellbinding SteelGoddess

This is SteelGoddess and the illustrations are amazing.  I have bought from this shop and the quality is impeccable.

Favorite scary author and book~

My first memory of a book actually scaring me was Stephen King’s frightening tale of “The Mist.” It literally freaked me out. I never saw fog the same way after that. Jason and his hatchet can take a backseat ANY DAY to big spiders and insects jumping on me.
Favorite Halloween Candy ~

By aesthetic appeal, I have always liked the look of candy corn.  Not much on taste, but they look festive and are a classic icon for Halloween.  As for the rest, any candy shaped like eyeballs, bats, a zombie zeroed in on brains, the more spookier and creepier it looks, I gotta try it.
Classic Television, Move in with the Munsters, Addams? Bewitched or Charmed?

Most definitely the Addams' Family!  They see themselves as a completely normal family and have no clue that others find them strange.  Not a dull moment in their home.  Besides, their family reunions have to rock.

Since I'm a big fan of "Charmed" - I would love to hang out with the Halliwell sisters.  Does that mean I get special powers too?
Classic horror film: Would you rather take on the Blob or the Birds~

After referring to my Zombie survival kit complete with a handy map of obscure travel routes and possible hideouts, I am forced to consider my options. 

Protection Apothecary Label
Do I stick around to get oozed and trampled on by a big slimy bogey OR do I risk getting my eyes pecked out by a gazillion birds of all different sizes, shapes and speed velocity? Do I die a painful yet quick death by drowning in sludge or do I get a number of nasty paper cuts and pecked a slow grisly death? 

Since I doubt I would ever have the opportunity to be outdoors without being spotted by countless birds, that leaves me with my arch enemy of The Blob. I’m wondering if a good dose of slug salt wouldn’t dry it up (mental note: must plot a course to the Salt Flats of Utah ASAP).

A truly gifted illustrator.  Go check it out!


  1. Wowwwwwwww! Those are phenomenal. I'm so glad you've introduced me to her. I just hearted her shop.

  2. I really want to read "The Mist". I saw the movie, but I've heard that the book is much, much better.

  3. Love the cat bookplate!Vintage Halloween is my favorite art form.

  4. I wanted to let you know that I've given you a blog award so, please stop by and collect it! :-)