Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Terrifying Tuesday Treasures

That Spooky Cat Earrings reminds me of my cat Belladonna waiting in the window when I came home from work. Hand-drawn and crafted by IstanbulDesigns,  a must-have for Halloween, a cat lover or just want something truly unique.

Oh, so cute.  This Trick-or-Treat Altered Journal is perfect for your thoughts and ideas.  A little treasure handmade for you by the QueenofNostalgia.

OneStrangeGirl offers these perfect little Pumpkin Gift Tags in beautiful autumn colors.  What a wonderful way to finish off those special treat bags of cookies for friends and family.

How cool to be on the receiving end of this adorable Cute Little Witch watercolor postcard.  Send it or keep it for your personal collection. It's hand drawn by PersonalGenius