Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold Dawn By Carla Neggers .... to be continued

Cold Dawn
Cool cover, read the synopsis and thought it sounded interesting, bought it and...

Page 53 ... that is how far I got before I had to put this down.

You know when you're reading a series and each new book rehashes what you already know, going over the people and events that have brought you to this point?  I hate that.  Whole paragraphs wasted telling me what I already know because, apparently,  other people don't know what's transpired and all the skeletons in the closet because they didn't read the preceding books.

Apparently that's me this time around AND ....  Carla Neggers doesn't do that.  She just laces all the characters in as though we're sitting around the table discussing the family... and I'm new to this family.   So I'm the idiot sitting there smiling while names and places and exciting events whiz right over my head.  And I want to know this family.

Now I sit patiently waiting for Barnes & Noble to send me Cold Pursuit and Cold River.
(Well, not exactly patiently, I'm way behind on reviews).

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