Thursday, July 16, 2009

Taking a couple of days off!

Ahh, I love vacations, even when they're short, and this one was short! I only went for a couple of days. I still got rid of a lot of stress, made some great memories and got some gorgeous shots all at the same time. What more can one ask for!

Now that the kids are grown, our family vacations are coming fewer and further between. My brother and his family were up at Mammoth, so we joined them. The High Sierras are beautiful in summer. We hit Mono Lake, Bodie, and Yosemite.

Mono Lake is interesting. I've driven by dozens of times and never stopped and this time decided to remedy that. We went to the South Tufas. There are these amazing little flies that blanket the beach. They're very gracious and move as a single body so you can walk through them. It was sort of eerie. The water wasn't completely smooth, but I got some great reflection shots. Maybe I'll find the time and make a trip to the north shore.

Bodie. I've been there before, but there's something about taking a walk through the past. I get lost in imagining people living their day-to-day lives there. I was very happy that my niece really seemed to enjoy herself, taking time at each building to look in windows or go through them when she could. I saw a bit of myself when she talked about wanting to be a park ranger and living there for a while so she could really explore the place. Loved it!!

Yosemite is always a winner. This is Siesta Lake. Perfect name. It was so peaceful and quiet. No tourists.

We took some time out to see Bridalveil Falls. This is a picture of Mackenzie. Christopher and Mackenzie's boyfriend climbed up top and swam in a pool while being dusted by the mist. We all took time out to swam at Sentinel Beach where the rafts end their trips. I'm going to have to do that sometime.
Didn't see much wildlife this time, but we did catch some deer feeding in Tuolumne Meadows on our way out and I got a shot of one on his lonesome (see top photo). Took some video of it as he made his way from the island to the further meadow.

The kids are heading to London next week together and I might go to San Diego for a day. Something else to blog about. Yeah!!

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