Friday, October 2, 2009

Zombilicious BusterMcGee

If you haven't seen BusterMcGee on Etsy, you've been missing a good thing!  His Zombie/Vampire kids line of cards are hilarious and cute, and his Heartfelt and Tinman Love Cards are sweet (but that's another episode).

From the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia, comes the very talented John Marsh. With such cute little monsters, I might want one of my very own. John explains that "It's important that they go a special school for kids with special needs...
somewhere where the teachers and other kids wouldn't mind if your kid pulled out a brain sandwich from their lunchbox or popped a straw into a blood box instead of a juice know, the usual stuff."  No wonder these little ones seem so well adjusted.
"Well, having grown up in Australia, we don't celebrate Halloween... at least we didn't when I was a kid. I was always getting about in a costume of some sort though... it was usually a Superhero... mainly Batman or Superman. I did cut about as Tarzan for a while too. No sack (Halloween bag or just a pillow case) for me, but did you know that in Australia they make money purses out of kangaroo scrotums to sell to tourists? Now that's gotta be creepier than any Halloween thing surely!"  (Having seen a few kangaroos in my life, I'm sure what they have to offer works as a money purse but would never cut it for the halloween candy haul my kids ever pulled in.)

Some of the horror writers he enjoys are "Bram Stoker, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman (I used to be a comic fiend) and Mary Shelleys' Frankenstein."  (Neil Gaiman is a personal favorite of mine and The Graveyard Book is on the Book Report List for this month ~ sweet.)

Ghouls Love Card

"I love zombie films, anything to do with vampires and am quite fond of monsters, beasts, ghouls and demons. As to why I'm drawn to this kind of stuff? Well, perhaps it's overcompensation to being a scared-of-the-dark kind of kid... I not only conquered the monsters that plagued my imagination and horrified me but I befriended them and put them to work for me. It's only fair."   Thank you for sharing your little monsters with us!

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