Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sleepers Awake By Patrick McNulty

Sleepers Awake

I went book shopping thinking about the different subjects of Halloween I wanted to cover, things like Zombies, Vampires, and the proverbial Ghosts. Based purely on jacket descriptions, somehow I equated undead with zombie. I forgot there are a number of different definitions of Undead.

Bishop Kane, the hero of the story, is not a zombie. Although he died trying to kill the ancient evil that resides in his daughter, when he’s resurrected, he’s not a zombie, or a ghost in the classic transparent sense. He’s a badass killer of evil with knives and guns and explosives. If you like guns-blazing, blood-gushing, flesh-being-rendered-from-bone action, this has it all. Bishop Kane battles malevolent monsters called zijin with their sharp claws and teeth, with the help of the local sheriff, and boyfriend of Bishop’s nefarious daughter, Sean Berlin and his deputies.

Did I learn anything? Primarily held in a little town in Alaska, it’s a perfect lesson why not to live in a remote little town where there’s only one road in/out of town that can be disabled by possessed beings simply by blowing up a snowplow.

This is Patrick McNulty’s debut novel and it’s good. It’s a quick read but not a bad story. I’m actually looking forward to a sequel (if there will be one) with Bishop Kane and/or Sean Berlin continuing their evil-killing spree.

This book would be perfect for reading clubs.

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  1. Hi!

    I just wanted to thank you for reviewing my novel on your blog - I really appreciate it! Thanks for reading Sleepers Awake and I'm glad you liked it!


    Patrick McNulty